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If America does exists why shouldn't we know more about it!


Dear visitor,

Basically I created this site for Russian speaking users who want to get some information about America and Americans. This is the only page I translated into English in order to introduce my project to much broader audience than it initially was designed for.

There are many obvious reasons for this site to be popular.

If one has purchased an air ticket to the U.S. for $700 he will certainly spend 1,5 bucks for surfing through the Net just to find out what he could expect of his travel over the Atlantic.
In case one is about to pay $700 for the ticket, well he may be intrigued what he is going to give his money for.
Finally if one has nor ticket, neither visa and $700 he may visit this site out of curiosity.

This site contains a great deal of info which can hardly be found in a simple booklet listing the sights. Little sketches on local habits and traditions may help a newcomer to substancially reduce the period of his cultural adjustment to American way of life. Here are available hundreds of must-know tips and facts which are useful to have a no-problem stay in the U.S. How to deal with police. How to avoid mugging. How to tip cabbies, waiters and porters. How to drink alcohol in the street without violating the law. How, where and for what price to shop. How to figure the right size to pick up a pair of slacks. What is sexual harassment. How to make cheaper long-distance calls. What is sale, clearance, mark down, going out of business. How to understand abbreviations - CD as Compact disk or Certificate of Deposit, PC - as Personal Computer or Politically Correct, IRA - as Ireland Revolutionary Army or Individual Retirement Account, etc.

Besides - many useful phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, URL links.

A good chance for getting a piece of advice just before packing cases to go to the U.S for the first time.


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