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WEB-ресурсы по
американским университетам


j American Universities home page links.

j College and University Homepage list

j University Pages
Includes a clickable map of the US. Click on a state and get links to
university web pages.

j Peterson's Education Center

j CollegeNET
The Internet Guide to Colleges and Universities.

j CollegeView Web Edition
The CollegeView Web Edition makes it easy to search for a college. By combining a database of 3,300 two- and four-year colleges with engaging multimedia "tours,"CollegeView gives students and parents a complete picture of what college life is like.

j Internet College Exchange
Welcome to ICX, you can now SEARCH for your ideal school by comparing your description against all the colleges in the U.S.

j Graduate School Guide
A comprehensive On-line guide to Doctoral, Master's and Professional Degree programs.

j U.S. News and World Report Colleges and Careers Center
Contains rankings, application process advice and info, career information, and
financial aid info.

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